The Introvert Manager

July 25, 2008

The Myers-Briggs test says I am a ‘moderately expressed introvert’. So what? I cannot be a manager? Well, I am already. Sorry about that. I didn’t know introverts can’t lead so I went ahead. Of course, it was hard in the beginning and didn’t get any easier when the liquidity storm hit, but then, life is hard. There is no magic trick, just accept the facts and fight. On the bright side, fighting is fun.

Now seriously, Google dug out some good reading material on the topic, like this article , or the review of this book . This guy has some interesting posts  as well; he has the same MB profile type as me as a matter of fact. These provide advice and more importantly, some insight as to what ‘introverted’ actually means. It doesn’t necessarily mean lack of social skills or shyness. It is more to do with how you get you energy and solve everyday problems – by interaction with others, or by reflection. So far it looks I am following the advice alright. I may not be an entrepreneur, but many aspects of my job are similar and it has helped overcome the negative aspects of being an ‘I’.

One thing many such articles don’t cover very extensively, is that one’s level of ‘introvertness’ (is this a word?) is not constant throughout life. I was born a classic nerd, now it is ‘moderately expressed introvert’. After one or more years doing this job, who knows what will become of me. I read the article by Rob May and I remembered the beginning of my career, how I used to dread the big meetings and having to call clients. Now I present deals to the board and it doesn’t feel scary. I don’t feel strained, as if I am going against my nature, so the explanation must be that my nature has adapted to the environment.

The combination of my personality type and career is something that sets me apart and I am proud to be an INTP. We ‘I’s can be managers or entrepreneurs just fine, thank you very much. We can also think and solve problems. If this helps with the GMAT, as it should, all the better.


7 Responses to “The Introvert Manager”

  1. Durgesh Says:

    generally some schools ask to submit an essay on your strengths and weakness… strangths part is relatively easy. but weakness is tough.. we have to walk on a tight rope here. do you think, this ‘moderately expressed introvert’ can be written as an effiective (?) weakness…

  2. Nerdboy Says:

    IMHO your personality type (or sign of the zodiac) can only be mentioned in the essays as a strength, if at all. The weakness should be something that you seek to overcome, and this can most easily be achieved with the help of [school name]’s program ;)

  3. Durgesh Says:

    hmmmm….. i think i agree … no need to be extra honest with adcoms.. ;)

  4. Nerdboy Says:

    I am honest. Your personality type or any other fundamental property that defines you as an individual cannot be a weakness. One type of person is not “better” than another, although it can be argued that one type is “better suited to X”.

  5. Durgesh Says:

    not specific to this case but if a particular attribute (or lack of it) makes you “not better suited to X”, then it has to be considered a weakness and as you mentioned it is not something that can not be changed. As you said, weakness should be something you seek to overcome and personality type can be improved (changed) from “classic nerd” to “moderately expressed introvert”. So personality type can be a weakness (not a generic weakness, but weakness to perform a specific job effectively)

  6. Alice Says:

    “One thing many such articles don’t cover very extensively, is that one’s level of ‘introvertness’ (is this a word?)”

    I believe you mean ‘introversion’.

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